National Form and Value report into UK Self-Catering

The Association of Scotland’s Self-Caterers (ASSC) and the Professional Association of Self-Caterers UK (PASC UK) have commissioned Frontline Consultants to carry out an Economic Impact Assessment of the Self-Catering Industry in the UK. The study will consider the economic impact of all visits made to self-catering providers in the UK and will provide a country by country and area by area breakdown of this expenditure.  It will: assess expenditure by property-owners and managers, and visitors in the local economyprovide an independent, evidence-based, understanding of the direct and indirect economic impact/contribution of the self-catering sector in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Englandestimate the full-time equivalent jobs supported by the sectorassess the […]

Wales Grant Survey

PASC UK have put together a Wales Grant Survey to try to understand how many self catering businesses have received which Grants, and how many have not. The information provided will allow a comparison between the countries of the UK and by Wales Local Authority. The deadline for completion is next Tuesday 9th March at 1700.