Add Guestlink on line booking to your Go North Wales listing.

There are many reasons to have your availability and online booking show on our site, as a member of North Wales Tourism you will not be charged a commission from us to have your availability and online booking, the only cost comes from the providers of the booking services.

Our main consumer website works with Guestlink as an affiliate channel.

Guestlink is an online property management system which enables you to promote your accommodation business on local, regional and global channels. You can manage your prices, availability and bookings all in one place and it will be automatically fed to the Go North Wales website.

How online booking works

A booking is made on through GL Direct and is added to your Guestlink account. You will be sent a text message, email or both to notify you of the new booking. They work with a range of Merchant Account providers if you wish to take payment at the time of booking or you can contact the guest directly.
Guestlink bookings are charged at 5% commission* on the booking value and they collect this from you a month after the guest has departed. They only charge for bookings where the customer has stayed so you won’t pay for cancelled bookings!
You can work on a reserve basis where you contact the guest to confirm within 24 hours or you can set your Guestlink account to automatically confirm all bookings received, the choice is yours!

What does it cost?

Guestlink charge an annual fee of £50 +VAT and a 5% commission on each booking. There is no charge from North Wales Tourism it is one of your member benefits.

Find out more

If you are interested in signing up to Guestlink + Affiliates to display your availability on please contact Suzie Rowe on 01462 648317 or email
If you are already signed up to Guestlink + Affiliates you will be bookable through GL Direct on our site.

Please contact to ensure you’re all set-up or call us on 01492 531731 (ask for the digital department)