North Wales Tourism was established in 1991 to support the tourism industry in North Wales and become its voice. Our mission is to deliver more business to maintain a sustainable tourism industry in North Wales.
Our excellent reputation and strengths are built on our focus on the region.
Our knowledgeable team live and work in North Wales, passionately working with and on behalf of the tourism industry here.
North Wales Tourism was established as a Private Company, limited by guarantee in January 1991. Initially part-funded by the Wales Tourist Board (now Visit Wales), the company was privatized in April 2002.  Throughout our life we added value to the tourism industry across North Wales through core functions including tourism membership, marketing, information and advisory services, and distribution.

Our Team

Deborah Nettleton, Head of Membership Services

Eirlys Jones, Commercial Director

Carol Beard, Sales Consultant

Sybil Baxter, Sales Consultant

Ffion Knightly, Digital & Social Lead

Ffion Douglas, Head of Finance