As part of your membership with North Wales Tourism you will have a listing on our visitor website to make the most of your listing we recommend you check and update your information regularly.

When you became a member you would have been sent a login and password to access our platform admin site which is (passwords supplied are temporary and need changing on your first login)

The below videos will help you get started (these are also available under the help section when you’re logged in) if you need any help with your listing please contact our digital unit by emailing or call us on 01492 531731 and ask for the digital department on ext 223.

Adding a description to your Go North Wales listing.

Adding images to your Go North Wales listing (basic membership has five images to your listing).

Adding facilities to your Go North Wales listing

Adding openings to your Go North Wales listing

External Links 
Adding external links to your listing

Add a Special Offer

To add a special offer to your product in the Extranet, go to the tab on the menu on the left hand side of the product record, More > Special Offers

Click the Actions button on the right and select Add Special Offer

Add a Description

Add Media

To add media select Manage followed by Upload New. Complete the details adding in the Alt Text and Copyright information.

Add Offer Categories

It is now possible to assign multiple categories to one offer. This will allow you to use the same description and media for an offer and have it appear within more than one category on the website e.g. Accommodation Offers and Christmas Offers, without having add a new offer for each category.