Tourism Exchange Great Britain (TXGB)

TXGB is a central digital marketplace. It enables tourism suppliers to connect their availability and pricing with a diverse range of distributors in one go and manage this in one place.

TXGB allows suppliers to become bookable on a wide range of distribution channels (including niche operators, destinations and OTAs such as Go North Wales & Visit Wales). There is no connection charge, you don’t have to have online bookings on your own websites, and you can manage your distribution all in one place. You simply pay a 2.5% booking fee – only on bookings generated – plus commission of the chosen distributor.

Using the Tourism Exchange can; 

  • provide an easy way of working with more channels without increasing admin, reaching more customers, growing sales, reduce dependency on a single sales channel and reduce commission costs
  • provide access to more distribution channels and to make by-products bookable in national and regional destination marketing campaigns. 

Connect to TXGB in four simple steps.

Simply visit and:

1 Click Apply Now to complete the Get Connected Wizard.

2 Select your booking system from those shown, or select alternative connection options, to connect manually with our free inbuilt sales tool, TXLoad.

3 Enter your bank details so we can collect any fees owed for bookings to distributors, reducing admin for you.

4 Link your Stripe account (or easily register), to receive payment for bookings directly from consumers, through our direct payment distribution partners.

All done!

Get connected today. Contact us using the form below: