Business Impacts of Coronavirus : May 2021

ONS has produced experimental estimates from the voluntary fortnightly business survey (BICS), for single site businesses only, on topics such as trading status, financial performance, workforce and business resilience. Geographical breakdowns include country, regional and local authority levels.

IPS Figures for 2020

ONS has published the final International Passenger Survey figures for 2020. The headline stats are: Overseas residents made 11.1 million visits to the UK in 2020; this was 73% fewer than in 2019 as travel reduced because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.Overseas residents spent £6.2 billion on their visits to the UK in 2020; this was 78% less than in 2019.UK residents made 23.8 million visits abroad in 2020, which was 74% fewer than the previous year because of the coronavirus pandemic. UK residents spent £13.8 billion on visits abroad in 2020; this was 78% less than in 2019. On the inbound side, the 78% reduction in expenditure equates for […]