The ERF is targeted at businesses in the hospitality, leisure and attraction sectors and their supply chains who have been materially impacted by a greater than 60% reduction of turnover between 13th December 2021 and 14th February 2022.

The funds seeks to compliment other COVID-19 response measures to support businesses, social enterprises and charitable organisations in Wales.

The ERF will support:

  1. Businesses impacted between 13th December 2021 and 14th February 2022 and closed by regulations from 26th December 2021.
  2. Event Space and attractions materially impacted between 13th December 2021 and 14th February 2022.
  3. Other businesses with greater than 50% impact on turnover between 13th December 2021 and 14th February 2022.

And (applies to all):

  • Have experienced a material impact through reduced turnover of 60% or more between December 2021 and February 2022 as compared to December 2019 and February 2020.

You can use this tool to check your eligibility for this further package of support.

The Welsh Government ERF administered applications with a turnover of more than £85,000 will open in the week beginning 17 January 2022 and remain open for two full weeks.

NDR Linked Grant

Non-essential retail, hospitality, leisure and tourism businesses in Wales will also receive support from the Non Domestic Rates (NDR) linked grant which will be administered by local authorities. Businesses will be entitled to a payment of £2,000, £4,000 or £6,000 depending on their rateable value.

Local authorities will also be administrating a discretionary fund for sole traders, freelancers and taxi drivers and businesses that employee people but do not pay business rates.

The registration process for the NDR linked grants and application process for the discretionary fund has opened week commencing the 10 January 2022 (this date may vary across Local Authorities).

This grant application will remain open for full two weeks.

Links to respective LA websites is below for information:

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