Wales will complete the move to alert level 0 on 28 January 

From Friday 21 January, Wales will move to alert level 0 for all outdoor activities. This means: 

  • Crowds will be able to return to outdoor sporting events. 
  • There will be no limits on the number of people who can take part in outdoor activities and events. 
  • Outdoor hospitality will be able to operate without the additional measures required introduced in December, such as the rule of 6 and 2m social distancing 
  • The Covid Pass will continue to be required for entry to larger outdoor events attended by more than 4,000 people, if unseated, or 10,000 people when seated. 
  • The Covid Pass is required in all cinemas, theatres and concert halls which are currently open. 

On Friday 28 January, Wales will complete the move to alert level 0. This means: 

  • Nightclubs will re-open. 
  • Businesses, employers and other organisations must continue to undertake a specific coronavirus risk assessment and take reasonable measures to minimise the spread of coronavirus. 
  • The general requirement of 2m social distancing in all premises open to the public and workplaces will be removed. 
  • The rule of 6 will no longer apply to gatherings in regulated premises, such as hospitality, cinemas and theatres. 
  • Licensed premises will no longer need to only provide table service and collect contact details. 
  • Working from home will remain part of advice from the Welsh Government but it will no longer be a legal requirement. 

The Covid Pass will continue to be required to enter larger indoor events, nightclubs, cinemas, theatres and concert halls. 

The next 3-weekly review of the coronavirus regulations will be carried out by 10 February, when the Welsh Government will review all the measures at alert level 0.

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