From 24 September NHS Covid-19 app users will be able to scan (check-in) as they enter a venue. If people who visited the venue test positive for coronavirus, other app users who were there at the same time may be sent an alert. The app notification will never mention the name of your venue, it will just let app users know that they may have come into contact with coronavirus.

The new NHS COVID-19 App will not provide an alternative for hospitality businesses and other high-risk settings for keeping records of staff, customers and visitors to assist with TTP, in case of an outbreak. This means that in Wales it will still remain a legal requirement for pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants to collect and retain contact information of staff, visitors and customers for 21 days, regardless of whether they are displaying an official QR code poster associated with the new NHS COVID-19 App.

Although tourism businesses are not included in this compulsory guidance, accommodation operators are reminded of the importance of continuing to collect customer details at the point of booking, and to support the NHS Wales Test, Trace, Protect service with this information if required.

Prepare by creating your posters –

When you receive your QR code poster you should:

  • print the poster
  • display the poster somewhere visitors can see it and scan it when they arrive, for example next to the entrance
  • ask visitors to scan the QR code when they arrive, using their NHS COVID-19 app
  • display as many posters as you need to, to avoid queues forming
  • Ensure your posters are in a visible and safe position, where they cannot be easily removed
  • Place posters in easy to reach places, where people can walk past without creating an obstacle
  • Consider those who may be less able to reach up high or over and around objects

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