As each premises is different, businesses should read all guidance to understand the measures to be considered to re-open the business safely.

Key areas businesses need to remain focussed on are:

  • Ventilation 

All hospitality businesses should take action to increase ventilation at their premises. This is such an important step that you, as a hospitality business, can take to reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus in your pub, bar, cafĂ© or restaurant.

Good ventilation reduces how much virus is in the air. It helps reduce the risk from aerosol transmission when someone breathes in small particles in the air after a person with the virus has been in the same enclosed area.

Think about what extra measures you can introduce to improve airflow by opening windows and propping open internal doors (but not fire doors) wherever possible.

  • Keeping records 

In Wales, it is compulsory for hospitality businesses – including pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants – to collect details of staff, customers and visitors to support the NHS Wales Test, Trace, Protect service.  This means that if you run a hospitality business, you must introduce an electronic or paper-based system that will record the name, contact details and arrival time of every customer (excluding children).

This is a legal requirement and is vital to supporting contact tracing in the event of an outbreak. Asking customers to use the NHS App is not enough and does not exempt a business from collecting this information.

  • Face masks

Staff working in all indoor and outdoor areas accessible to the public must wear masks (unless they have a reasonable excuse). This means that masks must be worn by staff serving customers food and drink and when staff move around the premises.

This is a legal requirement in indoor spaces and masks must also be worn by staff serving customers outside. Your customers must also wear face masks when not seated to eat or drink at their allocated table.

Keeping Records

Social Distancing


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