Please find attached written responses to three written questions below, that Sam Rowlands, North Wales MS submitted to the Minister for Economy, Vaughan Gething: 

  • Sam Rowlands (North Wales): What assessment has the Welsh Government made of the impact that current alert level 2 COVID-19 restrictions are having on the tourism sector? (WQ84164) 
  • Sam Rowlands (North Wales): In light of Wales being at COVID-19 alert level 2, what additional support is the Welsh Government providing to the tourism sector? (WQ84165) 
  • Sam Rowlands (North Wales): In addition to the Wales International Inbound Tourism Fund, what further action is the Welsh Government taking to promote Wales an international tourism destination for 2022? (WQ84166). 

Vaughan Gething is reiterating that their recent Covid-19 alert level 2 restrictions have been based on the data, and then outlines the funding that they’ve provided. He also outlines that Tourism is fundamental to the Welsh economy and outlines how the Welsh Government plans to be an international destination for this year. 

In addition to this, in questions to the Minister for Economy today, Sam stated that current funding is not enough and questioned the Minister over this. You can see that here at 13:41 – Plenary 19/01/2022 – Welsh Parliament ( – 

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