On the 31 January 2020, Britain left the EU. Since then, we’ve been in the transition period – remaining in both the EU customs union and the single market. When this period draws to a close on 31 December, UK businesses will need to prepare for a post-Brexit Britain.

We know that businesses are facing a great deal of uncertainty. With that in mind, it’s important that all businesses get ready for the end of the transition period, even if you think the change won’t affect you.

To help you prepare, Barclays would like to invite you to their regional ‘Brexit and Beyond’ event. In this virtual clinic, they’ll guide you through topics including:

  • Trading abroad
  • Finance and investment
  • Access to skills and talent
  • Regulation of goods and services
  • Data and cybersecurity

At the end of the clinic, you’ll be able to ask questions in their Q&A session.

To register, please click on the button below to check the full details of your local clinic. As these events will be virtual, you can register to attend the clinic for another area – but please try to attend your local one where possible, as they’ll be sharing information that’s relevant to your region.


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