Here is the piece of research that is referred to in the statement below and which will be utilised to justify its development. Key points are as follows.

The Welsh Government with its Social Research Unit has released findings from a recent piece of consumer research into Statutory Licensing. Compliance with health and safety requirements was found to rank highly for domestic trip intenders when booking accommodation. Accommodation that is ‘operating safely’ is considered important for the vast majority (89%) – marginally ahead of ‘positive reviews’ (88%) and comfortably ahead of being ‘environmentally friendly’ (73%). A majority (83%) of domestic trip intenders stated they would be ‘more likely’ to book accommodation if there was a legal requirement to confirm compliance with health and safety.

When asked the relative importance of different elements to be included within health and safety requirements, ‘Gas safety’, ‘electrical safety’, ‘fire risk assessment and ‘food hygiene’ were deemed the most important – more than 4 in 5 regarding them as ‘very important’. Other areas tested included ‘water safety’, ‘legionella risk assessment’, ‘insurance’ and the ‘ability to raise concern with an independent body’. In addition to those tested, trip intenders suggested a range of other potential areas including ‘accessibility standards’, ‘child safety’ and ‘local crime levels’.

The full presentation can be found here

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