The Wales Tourism Business Barometer provides a ‘snapshot’ of industry performance after important points in the tourism calendar.

Findings for the summer period 2021 are now available which show:

  • About half (48%) of operators have had more customers compared to a normal (pre-COVID) summer, about a third (31%) have had the same, and 21% have had fewer. 
  • All four regions of Wales have been busier than normal (pre-COVID) this summer, but South West Wales particularly so. 56% of businesses in this region have had more customers this summer compared to normal. 
  • Nearly all (97%) businesses are choosing to maintain some safety measures voluntarily that they are no longer required to maintain by law. There are many types of measure being maintained – most commonly hand sanitisers (87% of those maintaining measures), extra cleaning (65%) and social distancing (54%) There is a general sense of operators still wanting to do what they can to keep COVID at bay, even if it impacts on profit. 
  • Three in five (60%) say that COVID has prompted them to make permanent changes in how they run their business, with a further 22% not yet knowing. The most common changes are continued deep cleaning (29%) and continued acceptance of pre-bookings (15%). 
  • About half (48%) of businesses have more advance bookings for the remainder of 2021 than they would normally have at this time of year, and 35% have the same level. 

About Eirlys Jones

Eirlys is the Commercial Director at North Wales Tourism and can be contacted at or connect with her on LinkedIn you can also follow her on Twitter @EirlysJones5