Welsh Government want your views on proposals to provide discretionary powers for local authorities to apply a visitor levy in their areas.

This consultation explores issues relating to the design and operation of a visitor levy.

Key choices will include:

  • The principle and purpose of a visitor levy
  • Who should pay a visitor levy?
  • Who should charge and collect a visitor levy?
  • How a visitor levy could be applied?
  • What discretionary powers a local authority could have for the operation of a visitor levy?
  • What information may be required to administer a visitor levy?
  • How a visitor levy may be enforced?
  • How revenues from a visitor levy could be used and people made aware of the use of revenues and the benefits?


Consultation ends 13 December 2022

About Eirlys Jones

Eirlys is the Commercial Director at North Wales Tourism and can be contacted at eirlys.jones@gonorthwales.org.uk or connect with her on LinkedIn you can also follow her on Twitter @EirlysJones5