Is your business success constrained by current skills within your business? Is your business considering a new business opportunity, new technology, an expansion plan and growth?

Our programmes may be able to help you with financial support towards upskilling your staff. We currently have specific programmes to help:

  • develop advanced digital skills;
  • address export related skills challenges
  • support skills gaps in the Engineering and Manufacturing Sector
  • Upskilling in the Compound Seminconductor sector and its supply chain
  • support skills gaps and upskilling in the Creative Sector
  • support skills gaps and upskilling in the Tourism and Hospitality Sector
  • Recruiting an IT or Engineering graduate
Who is Eligible:

Your business must be based in Wales, solvent and you must commit to release staff to undertake the requested training by the end of March 2021.

Each element of training must advance the learning of the individuals involved in at least one of the areas listed.

Each element of training must improve the capability or capacity of the business.

Funding awards are discretionary and the final decision on eligibility rests with the Welsh Government.

About Eirlys Jones

Eirlys is the Commercial Director at North Wales Tourism and can be contacted at or connect with her on LinkedIn you can also follow her on Twitter @EirlysJones5