Working with PASC UK and Wales Tourism Alliance a five set plan has been launched to try and get an agreed review date on the 182 days let threshold and negotiate further exemptions to Council Tax Premiums for Self Catering Operators. The Campaign is called ‘Review 182’ and that will shortly also have a logo.

As part of the five set plan:

Phase one:  A second survey has been launched into the impact of 182. Please complete this important survey as this will help towards collating data for the campaign:

Phase two: We will enable you to be able to write directly to your MS with a few simple clicks from a pre prepared template, and ask for 182 to be reviewed, explain the harm and ask for exemptions. All will be pre-populated for you so that it will take seconds to participate. This will quote the data from the above survey.

Phase three:  An ‘all self-catering/all Wales’ webinar to be organised, to run through everything 182. It will be recorded and made widely available. The ‘Review 182’ Meeting is planned to take place in September. There are already commitments from MS’s, the Wales Tourism Alliance and more.

Phase Four: Armed with all the data from the survey and meeting, a further request for a proper review meeting with the Welsh Government on 182 will be made, a commitment to a Review Date, and how that Review will take place. We also want more exemptions to support the businesses.

Phase Five: Ask for a “182 Review” as a main agenda appoint for a CPG Meeting and provide supporting MS’s with a list of questions to ask at every opportunity in the Senedd. For example, when a statement is being made on jobs, we have a connected question on why the Welsh Government is putting so many jobs at risk, if they talk about agriculture, we have a question about how rural self-catering cannot hit 182 and so on.

About Eirlys Jones

Eirlys is the Commercial Director at North Wales Tourism and can be contacted at or connect with her on LinkedIn you can also follow her on Twitter @EirlysJones5