Food Tourism Toolkit


Food Tourism and Culture.
Food and drink go hand in hand with hospitality and tourism in Wales. Combine quality seasonal food and local ingredients, interesting places to eat and stay, and some of the world’s best chefs,
and you define the hospitality sector in Wales with its deserved reputation for excellence.

Food is important to our visitors.

More and more, food is an important influence on people’s decision to visit Wales. It’s because they are more discerning, and take an interest in where their food comes from and what happens on its journey to their plate. The two sectors of food and tourism are therefore particularly important in Wales, and we’ve developed complimentary strategies to develop both sectors.
We want to build relationships between the hospitality and catering industry and local food and drink producers, and in this way make sure there is a constant supply of fresh, seasonal produce
to cater for the visitor’s every taste.

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About Anthony Woodhouse

Anthony is the Head of Digital at North Wales Tourism, he can be contacted at or connect with him on LinkedIn