Tourism Action Plan


Tourism is vitally important to the UK. The industry provides 1.6 million jobs across the country. In 2015, we saw the greatest number of overseas
visits to the UK on record, bringing £22.1 billion into our economy. Domestic overnight spend also hit a record high of £19.6 billion in England.
In short, the sector goes from strength to strength.

But many overseas visitors never venture beyond London, so over 50% of their spending is in the capital. While we want tourist numbers to remain
high, we also want the benefits of growth to be felt across the whole of the UK. This is a beautiful country, offering so much to see and do
throughout, and we must do everything we can to make sure that visitors are encouraged to explore beyond the capital.

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About Anthony Woodhouse

Anthony is the Head of Digital at North Wales Tourism, he can be contacted at or connect with him on LinkedIn