Wales Tourism Alliance, which North Wales Tourism are a member of have produced a questionnaire to gather invaluable information to help with discussions and lobbying of the Welsh Government.

As part of the Welsh Government’s reforms to the tourism industry they are aiming to establish a ‘Licensing’ scheme for all visitor accommodation businesses. The Industry has long called for a ‘Registration’ scheme to assist with the development of a “level playing field” for all such businesses.

At the moment, looking at what is happening in Scotland, “Licensing” and “Registration” seem to mean different things.  We, as an industry, need to be clear about what actual action we support in pursuit of the level playing field, and what would be unnecessary, burdensome or ineffective.

On general understanding, “Registration” is based on a presumption that, provided an operator can provide particular evidence (e.g health and safety), that operator does not require proactive approval from an authority in order to continue in business.

“Licensing” is different, implying the need for formal approval from an authority in order for an operator to engage/continue in business.  This works on a presumption that a business cannot operate until it has – proactively – been granted a license.

Welsh Government proposals appear to bear more resemblance to a registration scheme.  However, what we end up with in the end is unknown and must be influenced by you. If we are to have a scheme at all, it needs to be robust enough to level the playing field by weeding out poor operators whilst affordable enough to minimise the loss of quality operators from the sector.  We ask you, therefore, to tell us what you think will achieve that – regardless of what it is called.

This is why it is important that we as an industry deliver a robust response to this consultation.

Please Note: This Survey is anonymous and should take you no more than ten minutes, but will provide invaluable information when we put the case to the Welsh Government.

Link to the consultation document –

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