UK Tourism Consumer Tracker Survey: Wales profile report 2024

Consumer sentiment tracking survey aiming to understand confidence, intent and barriers to take overnight short breaks and holidays in the UK and Wales. uk-tourism-consumer-tracker-survey-wales-profile-report-2024-spring-and-summer-2024-december-to-january-fieldworkDownload

Wales Tourism Accommodation Occupancy Surveys: July to September 2023

This Accommodation Occupancy report provides information on the occupancy levels of serviced and self-catering accommodation, as well as hostels and camping/caravan sites. There is also third-party data from Transparent (short term lets), and STR Global (large hotel chains). Serviced Accommodation Occupancy has risen steadily throughout 2023, peaking in August and starting to decline in September. Regional occupancy continues to hold a similar pattern with North Wales having the highest occupancy levels (80%). STR Occupancy data from STR continues to show parity or slight underperformance year on year compared with 2022. Self Catering Unit occupancy rose 19% from Q2 to Q3 (85% occupancy) During Q3 South West data, a key contributor (92%), did […]