The Welsh Government Strategy for Tourism 2013 – 2020 Partnership for Growth

A Tourism Strategy for Wales

The Minister for Economy, Science and Transport established a Tourism Sector Panel in September 2011 and asked them to lead the
development of a new strategy and direction for the sector. This strategy represents the results of their work which has involved a
process of research and analysis, evaluation of options and engagement with the tourism industry.

This is a strategy for tourism overall in Wales rather than one for the Welsh Government alone. Tourism touches many parts of Government
policy including skills and employment, planning, regeneration, heritage and culture; it also benefits many other sectors of the economy
including transport, retail and agriculture. It is right, therefore, for the strategy to consider the wider influences of tourism and to identify a
coherent set of responses to the strategic challenges that are likely to face the sector during the period 2013 – 2020.

This strategy will be accompanied by an annual action plan which sets out priority projects and programmes of work. It will also clarify who is
best placed to deliver them. The challenges that face the tourism sector in Wales need sustained and focussed responses over a prolonged
period if they are to be overcome but, as a small country, we have many advantages over our competitors. We can work with agility, we can
form close partnerships and we can measure how well we are delivering our priorities. Tourism is well placed to benefit from these competitive
advantages and to focus resources where they will drive successful outcomes for the economy.

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