Visits to Tourist Attractions 2012


Visit Wales (VW) have been conducting the Survey of Visits to Tourist Attractions since 1973. The remit of the research is to

  • Determine and report visit numbers to attractions throughout Wales – analyse collected data on visit numbers to identify current trends
  • Provide additional comparative analysis of data contained in the Survey of Visits to Tourist Attractions including visit figures, operations, funding, revenue, marketing and human resources
  • Analyse data according to attraction categories, the four economic regions of Wales, and admission charging policy.

Tourist attraction definition

This research uses the definition of a tourist attraction1 agreed by the four National Tourist Boards in 2001 :

“an attraction where it is feasible to charge admission for the sole purpose of sightseeing. The attraction must be a permanently established excursion destination, a primary purpose of which is to
allow access for entertainment, interest, or education, rather than being primarily a retail outlet or a venue for sporting, theatrical or film performances. It must be open to the public without prior booking, for published periods each year, and should be capable of attracting day visitors or tourists as well as local residents. In addition, the attraction
must be a single business, under a single management, so that it is capable of answering the economic questions on revenue, employment etc. and must be receiving revenue directly from the visitors.”


The purpose of this report is to monitor trends in the tourist attraction sector in Wales in order to provide a greater understanding of the sector to both
industry and public sector organisations, and to disseminate the findings in a useful and valuable way to the wider industry

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