Wales Tourism Week 2023

Wales Tourism Week 2023 is an opportunity for tourism sites across Wales to invite their local politicians and others to raise awareness of the sector and showcase the quality of our tourism offer to both UK domestic and international tourists. It provides an annual opportunity for local business to meet and greet their politicians and it gives our politicians the chance to demonstrate support for tourism in their constituency. It also enables us as an industry collective to get our opinions and messages across to elected representatives. If you would like to organise an event during this week a briefing pack is available and can be downloaded from here.

Event Wales Discretionary Funds

Two new pilot discretionary funds are being made available from Event Wales. Both sector development and event sustainability were identified in the new Events Strategy as ongoing priorities for the Wales events industry in future years and the funds seek to support projects that specifically target these two important workstreams: Event Wales Sector Development Fund: has up to £300,000 per annum available and will seek to support projects that are able to demonstrate that they will make a real difference to the events industry in Wales, especially in activity areas identified as priorities in the new Strategy, such as skills development. It is anticipated that individual applications would not exceed £20,000-£30,000 […]

Spring Trade Seminars and Meet the Producer Events

North Wales Tourism in partnership with Cywain, Menter a Busnes was pleased to organise two Spring Trade Seminars and Meet The Producer events. A great attendance was at both events which were held at Royal Victoria Hotel, Llanberis on Tuesday 28th March and at Llangollen Pavilion, Llangollen on Wednesday 29th March. This was a fantastic opportunity for Tourism & Hospitality delegates to see, meet and taste the fantastic Welsh products that’s available in North Wales. Topics included within the two days: Talk & Taste – Q&A session Food & Drink Visitor Experiences New Food Tourism Toolkit The Value of Welshness Distribution leader Go North Wales Update Gwerth-CymreictoVoWNWTDownload Cyfeirlyfr-Cynhyrchywr-Producer-DirectoryDownload Copies of the New […]

Update on proposals for a discretionary visitor levy for Wales

A public consultation closed on 13th December. It explored the proposed design of the visitor levy and how it could operate on a practical level. An independent report of responses was commissioned in January, and today WG are publishing these consultation findings visitor-levy-summary-of-responses, alongside a consumer research report, which explored views among the public about a visitor levy. visitor-levy-summary-of-responsesDownload

Mind Field Research

Stop guessing when it comes to your audience and customers. Get insights that unlock actions. At Mind Field Research, we specialise in using the principles of behavioural science to uncover real, human truths that help you connect with your audience in a meaningful way. Our market research team can design a research solution to help you: Overcome what stands between you and your goals Pinpoint how, where and when to engage with your audience Identify the opportunities to grow your brand With Mind Field Research, you can access our four key specialisms: Consumer and Market Data Insights – Our insight-led reports provide clear and actionable direction for your brand. This quick, […]

National Living Wage and National Minimum Wage Increases

The Government has announced the rates of the National Living Wage (NLW) and National Minimum Wage (NMW) which will come into force from April 2023. In doing so, it has accepted in full the recommendations of the Low Pay Commission. The rates which will apply from 1 April 2023 are as follows: Rate from April 2023Annual increase (£)Annual increase (per cent)National Living Wage£10.420.929.721-22 Year Old Rate£10.181.0010.918-20 Year Old Rate£7.490.669.716-17 Year Old Rate£5.280.479.7Apprentice Rate£5.280.479.7Accommodation Offset£9.100.404.6

Spring Tourism Trade Seminars and Meet The Producer Event / Seminarau Diwydiant y Gwanwyn a Digwyddiad Cwrdd a’r Cynhyrchwyr

North Wales Tourism in partnership with Cywain, Menter a Busnes is pleased to announce the dates and venues for the spring trade seminars and Meet The Producer events. A fantastic opportunity for Tourism & Hospitality delegates to see, meet and taste the fantastic Welsh products that’s available in North Wales.Joining Produce & Tourism together· Topics Include:· Talk & Taste – Q& A session· Food & Drink Visitor Experiences· New Food Tourism Toolkit· Distribution leader· Go North Wales Update· Network with like-minded people to find out what is really happening in the  tourism and business community· Gather information from trade stands, suppliers to the industry with special focus this year on Welsh food suppliers· Provide feedback — how can we help in […]

Travel, Tourism, Hospitality & Catering Sector Review Qualifications

Qualifications Wales have published a sector review of qualifications and the qualifications system in Travel, Tourism, Hospitality and Catering. A full report, executive report, international review report, and learner engagement report is now available The sector review identified some issues with the structure and range of the existing Hospitality and Catering qualifications offered in Wales. Therefore, Qualifications Wales have launched a national conversation to give the people of Wales a chance to have their say on proposals for new Hospitality and Catering qualifications. The proposed new qualifications will: offer practical, hands-on learning with opportunities to gain real-life experiences outside of the classroom reflect the way that the sector has […]

Go North Wales Tourism February Trade News

North Wales Tourism have and are still working hard on behalf it’s members on issues that are affecting the industry. We are in constant contact with the local MSs and MPs on these issues and are also lobbying side by side and working closely with the Wales Tourism Alliance to drive forward the importance of the industry to the economy of Wales and the effects and implications of these issues on the businesses and industry as a whole. We are also working closely with the local press and media to raise the issues affecting us to make sure the voice of our valuable industry is heard. If you have any […]

Green Business Loan Scheme

The Green Business Loan Scheme is delivered in partnership with the Development Bank of Wales to help Welsh businesses go green.  The scheme provides: Access to fully funded and part funded consultancy support that helps businesses understand their own path to decarbonisation  Discounted fixed interest rates for energy efficiency measures and low carbon heat installations  Patient capital, with upfront capital repayment holidays and a loan term linked to project payback