Reopen safely, start trading again with the Safe to Trade Scheme

Join thousands of other businesses who reopened safely and created a safe, relaxing hospitality experience for all to enjoy.  Shield Safety Group, the award-winning Food Safety, Fire Safety and Health & Safety consultancy, have partnered with North Wales Tourism to introduce the Safe to Trade. Designed to restore consumer confidence, ensure everyone is protected and help you start trading again, Safe to Trade is the ultimate safety standard. It’s an expert guarantee that proves a location has been rigorously assessed by a team of Environmental Health Practitioners, and that your business has been deemed Safe to Trade. In a recent Hospitality Consumer Insights report, 95% of respondents feel it’s important or […]

“Addo. My promise to Wales”

As Wales’ tourism industry starts to re-open, our key communication message is ‘Visit Wales. Safely.’ This is a simple phrase that can be adapted for your business or local area, to encourage people to be responsible during their visit. We’ll be continuing with this messaging throughout the season. The focus of our messaging is a pledge that we’re encouraging everyone travelling around Wales to get behind, to do the little things that make a big difference. To make a promise together, to ‘Addo’ as we prepare to start exploring again, to care for each other, our land and for our communities. The pledge can be signed virtually on Why […]

Important New Policy Guidance – Maintaining Records of Staff, Customers & Visitors

Coronavirus will be with us until an effective vaccine is available or there is enough immunity among the population. As lockdown restrictions ease, general rules around social distancing and handwashing will remain important in reducing the risk of transmission. WGs Test, Trace, Protect strategy will be key in controlling the spread of new outbreaks, particularly as public spaces start to re-open. As people increasingly come into greater contact with others, there is a higher risk of transmitting COVID-19 in some sectors. This is because customers and visitors will spend a longer time on these premises than in other surroundings, and will potentially come into close contact with people outside of their […]

Safe2stay Foggers

One of our members, Lucy Miller from Llanfair Hall, Anglesey is a distributor for North Wales for safe2stay who sell really handy foggers that kill 99.99% of bacteria/viruses including covid. This is their website Lucy can supply the canisters for £6 each including delivery and VAT. They take 20 minutes to work and are BS EN accredited. If interested please contact Lucy direct on the details below: Lucy Miller Llanfair Hall e: m: 07946 388 869